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» ωнαт's ιη α ηαмє?
Her name, Ealusaid Lochloinn MacLean, in Scotland, would only be Ealusaid Lochloinn. The reason for this is that until fairly recent times, women took their fathers' first name as their surname rather than the family surname. Her traditional surname, therefore, is Lochloinn, a very old Scottish men's name. The additional surname MacLean comes from, obviously, the MacLean clan, one of the oldest and most widespread clan names in Scotland to this day. The MacLean clan split into several different clans of the same name in the middle ages, spreading the name further still. Ellie does not, however, choose a preference as to which MacLean clan she would associate herself with.

» нι∂∂єη sтяєηgтн
Ealusaid has a very subtle, small curl on the right side of her head which blends in with all the other curls, but this one is special. It is representative of the quiet, brooding strength of Highlandic Scots, which is rarely seen, but terrifying when it is. Highlanders are reluctant to leave their homes or to change in any way, but, as history shows, when their way of life and land are threatened, few other peoples come down with such ferocity. Since this strength is rarely exposed and only comes to light when her occupants are agitated, Ellie keeps this lock of hair hidden, tucked away behind her ear, where it stays unless she herself is significantly flustered.

» тяα∂ιтισηαℓ αттιяє
Her tartan arisaid (an ancient Scottish women's shawl with the traditional tartan of her clan embroidered into it) does not bear the tartan of any singular clan. She represents all the people in her land, and feels it would be a distasteful form of favoritism to bear the "flag" of one family alone.
As for the rest of her clothing, like the land itself, it remains unchanged since near-ancient times. Traditional, functional, and modest, Ellie sees no reason to change it, except perhaps on special occasions.

» αη¢ιєηт, yσυтнƒυℓ, ωιℓ∂
The Highlands of Scotland are often described as the heart of all ancient things in Europe, while still remaining preserved and untamed. The flora and fauna, along with the rugged, wild terrain make it a tough land, and its people tougher still. The untamed beauty of the land is represented by Ellie's nearly unmanageable hair, which remains wild and uncut since the early Middle Ages. Her eyes, which are a deep green, represent the intense greens of the Highlands, in addition to being a common eye color among Scots.


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:star: OOC Corner :star:

Hello, and welcome! I'm Maddie, and I'm a 21 year old American college student. This is my Hetalia OC for the Highlands of Scotland, and even though I've had this account for over a year, my OC is at least 3 years old.
I'm not fluent in Scots-Gaelic or any other Gaelic languages, so if you wish to correct me if I make a mistake, please feel free! I'd be very grateful for the help, and I love linguistics besides.
If you feel there is something wrong or incorrect about my OC, please feel free to tell me about that, too. I want to make her the best she can be, so any pointers are helpful and welcome.
If you would like to give me a full-out critique on my OC, I'd prefer if you could leave it as a note. That way I can save it more easily for later reference.
What with my college workload, I am sometimes inactive for several days in a row on this account along with my others (please also take a peek at my Northern Ireland OC if you'd like), so please be patient with me if I am slow in replies or answering questions. Drawing takes time, and I try to do my best on each answer.
Regarding roleplay, I love it. I do both script and lit, though lit is my personal preference. I'll use whichever format makes you feel more comfortable!
I hope you like my OC, and that you won't be afraid to speak with me OOC as well should you like to!

-Maddie (wallabean)

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High·lands [hahy-luhndz]
1. (used with a singular verb) a mountainous region in N Scotland, N of the Grampians.
2. highlands, a mountainous region or elevated part of a country.
Origin: before 1000 A.D.; Middle English; Old English hēahlond.

Full name » Ealusaid Lochloinn MacLean [MacLean being the most common name in Scotland, as well as one of the oldest clans]
Nickname(s) » Ellie, Lambchop, Lamb, Freckletits
Region, Country » the Highlands of Scotland, A' Ghàidhealtachd
Gender » Female ♀
Height » 4'11"
Body Type » Petite, pear-shape
Hair Color » Red; Auburn
Eye Color » Green
Religion » Roman Catholic
Orientation » Heterosexual; deeply set in Church Teachings; but not homophobic
Language(s) » Scottish English, Scots, Scots Gaelic, Norman French
Age » Over 900 years
Human Age (Appearance) » 20 years
Status » Single
Music » "Child of the Highlands", "Albain"
Faceclaim » Karen Gillian


Weel is that weel does.
[Handsome is that handsome does.]

Ealusaid has rather wild, curly, red hair and dark green eyes. Due to her small population, she's rather petite, barely reaching 5 ft. 2 in. high. She's rather flat chested and wider in the hips. She has fair skin with faint freckles about the nose and cheeks, and narrow pink lips, but a bright smile. Her hair, which often proves rather difficult to tame, has two wild cowlicks at the top and a small, almost unnoticeable curl on the right side of her cheek. This curl represents the huge potential for wildlife and the strength of Highlandic men in the past, and she keeps it tucked behind her ear, hidden unless she is flustered or upset.


Our ain reek's better than ither folk's fire.❞
[Dry bread at home is better than roast meat abroad.]

Ellie has many positive traits; she is welcoming and homey, though rather awkward at first meetings. The etiquette regarding interpersonal exchanges changes too often and too quickly for someone like her. She loves children, especially babies and very little ones. Ealusaid is a simple young woman with a heart of gold, but she has her faults, too. She is very honest, but sometimes her blatant honesty can result in conflict or tension. Nevertheless, being the stubborn person she is, she will not take back a statement she has made which she believes wholeheartedly to be true. This can make her seem rude at times, though she doesn't mean to be.
Her stubborn personality combined with her blunt refusal to change can make her hard to work with, or difficult to understand.
She is tenderhearted and generally softspoken, but, when she feels her opinion is important and righteous she will speak it loudly and won't back down, regardless of the odds. She is very old-fashioned, both in tradition and in habit. Young in appearance and at heart, but she truly is very old, and old habits die hard, if at all. She is largely unchanged since approximately the 1400's, and dresses in the same fashion as she did then.
Ealusaid is hugely fond of music, especially ancient varieties (often involving bagpipes and old drums). Music is often said to be a universal language, and the music of the Highlands is very clearly preserved since medieval or perhaps even ancient times.
Since her population is so small and she is generally very isolated from the rest of the world, she tends to be very cuddly; but only with people she likes or trusts. With everyone else she tends to be very reluctant to interact at all, though she still tries her best to be welcoming and warm. And even with her tendency to prefer closeness to a choice few people, such behavior is reserved for private or family events. Physical contact, she believes, is special, and should be kept private.
Though heavily Catholic and firm in her faith, Ealusaid is still prone to ancient druidistic habits, some of which she has become unaware of. Old superstitions, for instance, play a big part in her judgement on small issues.
Her accent is very heavy, often making her difficult to understand even among family. She quickly adapts to the speaking patterns of those around her, however, so this is rarely a problem. But no matter how long she spends with others, once back home, her native accent and dialect sets back in.

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